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VA - Grand 12-Inches Vol. 17 [2020] + VA - Grand 12-Inches Vol. 18 [2021] (8 x CD's)


VA - Grand 12-Inches Vol. 17 [2020] + VA - Grand 12-Inches Vol. 18 [2021] (8 x CD's)

This continues the previously posted 66 CD set,  GRAND 12" Volumes 01 - 16 on January 30, 2020.

Liebrand Grand 12 series is legendary for digging up long lost faves and having them presented in pristine condition and well mastered. Well the sound quality is certainly up to mustard so no issues there.  All of these Volumes in the series are 4 CD sets with the exception of Volume 10 which has 6 CD's and each with an average of 10 tracks per CD, but that's understandable when extended and full-album versions are being used in favor of the single/radio edits that are so often used on compilations. There are too many highlights to mention. Excellent; sound quality is superb. I have many of the individual originals on vinyl (and even have a mixer collecting dust somewhere) For continuous non-stop/one stop CD play, this is it. Can imagine how difficult it was to collect all these tracks, it would be a long, arduous and expensive process to buy them separately. While there are some odd choices here and there, 90% or more should really please fans. (Amazon)

As usually the Grand 12” series delivers some solid tunes for your collection.


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Volumes 01 - 16 previously posted can be found here:


Track lists

Vol. 17 CD1

01 Vanity 6 Nasty Girl (Maxi-Single Version) 5:16

02 Hot Chocolate You Sexy Thing (Extended Replay Mix) 7:18

03 Apollonia 6 Sex Shooter (Dance Version) 6:53

04 Central Line Walking Into Sunshine (Remixed Version) 7:53

05 Shalamar A Night To Remember (12" Mix) 5:32

06 Brass Construction Can You See The Light (12" Funk) 5:16

07 Belle Stars Sign Of The Times (Extended 12" Remix) 5:36

08 Fatback Girls On My Mind (Vocal) 6:57

09 Taja Sevelle Love Is Contagious (Ben Liebrand Remix) 6:05

10 Skyy Call Me (Album Version) 6:17

Vol. 17 CD2

01 Meco Star Wars Theme, Cantina Band (Dj Promo Only Version) 7:36

02 Kelly Marie Feels Like I'm In Love (Original 12") 6:40

03 Disco-Tex & The Sex-O-Lettes Get Dancin' (Part I & Part II 7:19

04 Joe Bataan Sadie (She Smokes) (12" Mix) 6:35

05 Ashford & Simpson Don't Cost You Nothing (12" Disco Mix) 6:48

06 Charly Kingson Born In Africa (Remix 1982) 6:06

07 Three Degrees Giving Up, Giving In (Long Version) 6:12

08 Crown Heights Affair Galaxy Of Love (Original Version) 5:56

09 Inner Life Ain't No Mountain High Enough (Album Version) 7:56

10 Zapp More Bounce To The Ounce (Parts I And II) 9:27

Vol. 17 CD3

01 Soft Cell Tainted Love, Where Did Our Love Go (Extended Version) 8:57

02 Rupaul Supermodel (You Better Work) (Couture Mix) 6:16

03 Tom Tom Club Wordy Rappinghood (Special 12" Version) 6:31

04 Art Of Noise Ft. Tom Jones Kiss (The Battery Mix) 8:19

05 Stock Aitken Waterman Roadblock (Extended Version) 8:02

06 Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel White Lines (Don't Don't Do It) (Long Version) 7:37

07 K.I.D. Don't Stop (Original Mix) 7:14

08 Salt-N-Pepa Do You Want Me (European Remix) 6:00

09 G.L.O.B.E. & Whiz Kid Play That Beat Mr. D.J. (Full Length Version) 6:36

10 Herbie Hancock Rockit (Long/Album Version) 5:25

Vol. 17 CD4

01 Donna Summer Love To Love You Baby (Album Version) 16:46

02 Malcolm Mclaren Madam Butterfly (Un Bel Di Vedremo) (12" Mix) 6:25

03 Sister Sledge Thinking Of You (Dimitri From Paris Remix) 6:31

04 Barry White Let The Music Play (Album Version) 6:17

05 52nd Street Tell Me (How It Feels) (Extended) 7:15

06 First Choice Let No Man Put Asunder (Original Mix) 8:00

07 Real Thing You To Me Are Everything (The Decade Remix '76-'86) 6:07

08 Viola Wills Gonna Get Along Without You Now (12" Disco-Single) 5:26

09 The Whispers My Girl (12" Maxi-Single) 6:23

10 Sade Smooth Operator/Red Eye (Medley) (Extended Version) 8:48

Vol. 18 CD1

01 Village People YMCA (12 Inch Maxi Single) 6:50

02 Jimmy 'bo' Horne Dance Across The Floor (Ben Liebrand Dj's Delight) 5:38

03 Boney M. Baby, Do You Wanna Bump (Album Version) 6:53

04 G.Q. Boogie Oogie Oogie (12 Inch Disco Remix) 6:14

05 Eruption I Can't Stand The Rain (12 Inch Version) 6:34

06 Skyy Here's To You (12 Inch Version) 5:15

07 Ritchie Family American Generation (12 Inch Version) 6:38

08 La Bionda One For You, One For Me (Long Version) 6:21

09 Opus Seven Bussle (Astrolabio Discotheque) 5:21

10 Madleen Kane Forbidden Love (Special Disco Version) 8:24

11 John Davis & The Monster Orchestra Ain't That Enough For You (12 Inch Disco Version) 9:08

Vol. 18 CD2

01 Viola Wills If You Could Read My Mind (Special Us Disconet Version) 13:06

02 Leo Sayer Thunder In My Heart (12 Inch Disco Version) 6:24

03 S.O.S. Band Take Your Time (Do It Right) (Long Version) 7:41

04 Savanna Never Let You Go (12 Inch Version) 5:40

05 Yvonne Elliman Love Pains (12 Inch Mix) 5:48

06 Alexander O'neal (What Can I Say) To Make You Love Me (Ben Liebrand Remix) 6:46

07 Three Degrees The Heaven I Need (Extended Version) 6:38

08 Heatwave Gangsters Of The Groove (Uk 12 Inch Remix) 5:50

09 Vicky "D" This Beat Is Mine (Extended Version) 5:59

10 O'jays Put Our Heads Together (Long Version) 7:04

11 Tyrone Brunson The Smurf (Original 12 Inch Mix) 6:06

Vol. 18 CD3

01 The Art Of Noise Ft. Max Headroom Paranoimia (Extended Version) (2017 Re-Master) 6:43

02 Vivien Vee Higher (Original 12 Inch Version) 6:09

03 Living In A Box Living In A Box (Dance Mix) 6:11

04 Grace Jones Nipple To The Bottle (Long Version) 6:55

05 Peter Brown Zie Zie Won't Dance (12 Inch Remix) 5:55

06 Valery Allington Stop (Ben Liebrand Remix) 6:19

07 Alides Hidding Hollywood Seven (Special Maxi Version) 6:45

08 Paula Abdul Knocked Out (House 12 Inch) (Shep Pettibone Mix) 7:31

09 Edwin Birdsong Cola Bottle Baby (Album Version) 5:12

10 Gaznevada Special Agent Man (Female Version) 7:19

11 Jellybean Was Dog A Doughnut (Front Line Mix) 7:55

Vol. 18 CD4

01 Fatback Band I Found Lovin' (Remix) 7:10

02 Donna Summer Theme From The 'deep' (Dow, Deep Inside) (12 Inch Disco Version) 6:08

03 Imagination Changes (Larry Levan Remix) 7:48

04 Eartha Kitt Where Is My Man (Vocal) 6:28

05 Kleeer Open Your Mind (Album Version) 6:44

06 Lisa Stansfield All Around The World (Long Version) 7:07

07 Mystic Merlin Just Can't Give You Up (12 Inch Version) 7:02

08 Odyssey Don't Tell Me, Tell Her (12 Inch Disco Version) 6:04

09 Johnny "Guitar" Watson Superman Lover (The Re-Flex Revision) 8:32

10 Betty Wright Tonight Is The Night (Original Album Version) 8:19




  1. The usual brilliance of Ben Liebrand......

    Im pretty sure Donna Summer went "Down, Deep Inside"!!?


  2. Fantastic. Great collection. Many thanks and happy new year.

    1. Hi Pez49,
      Nice to hear.
      Happy New Year to you too.


  3. thank you BB LIKE THIS TKS mate

    1. HI Aussie,
      Its a great series. Glad you like them.


  4. Well this takes me back... to the days of those clubs and roller skating rinks... and that's a good thing.

    Hi BB! The extended dance club versions here and on the prior volumes (and that is quite a collection), at least the ones not from albums, are really hard and fairly impossible to locate now individually, even with the internet, so these volumes where someone has compiled them all in one place are extremely valuable to a music collector. I appreciate your most excellent choice in posting them and thought it worthwhile to let you know how much I enjoy these "12 inch" extended versions. Hmmmm... I wondered why they didn't just call them "1 foot" records instead of "12 inch"... or over where you are would it be ".3 meter" records? I guess "12 inch" sounds bigger and better! But then again, with that reasoning... 30.48 centimeter records sound even bigger! So with music... If the feel is good... does size really matter? Never mind. That's not really a question.

    Thanks for all you do.

    1. Hi MrRadio.
      This is an amazing set although it is impossible to hear them all in one sitting. Ones body could not support the many hours gyrations and foot shuffling that ensues. Your assessment of the question does size matter, is one to digest slowly. I think 12" holds more music than a 7" does. So, only if they are longer versions of songs like these.
      I had an old school friend visit me last week and we played a few of these albums with sheer delight. Did not see him for the last 30 years. It was a blast . It was like we have always known each other.

      I've missed you thinking here. Glad to see you around.


  5. Listening to this again. Great collection. You need to add Grand 19 and 20 now lol. Happy holidays!

    1. Hi pez49.
      That is great to hear.
      I have Grand 19 but not 20 as yet. If you have it, please share.