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Nat King Cole - The Complete US & UK Hits 1942-62 [2016] (5 x CD's)



Nat King Cole - The Complete US & UK Hits 1942-62 [2016] (5 x CD's)

Nat King Cole was undoubtedly one of the most popular, successful and respected vocalists of the post-war era, and would have enjoyed even greater success had his career not been cut short by cancer when he was just 45 years old. His success reflected his ability to transcend the boundaries between jazz and easy listening pop, with a unique talent both as a singer and top flight jazz pianist. He initially enjoyed success in the R&B charts with his trio in the early '40s, pioneering the piano, bass and guitar line-up, before embarking on a solo career in 1947, and racking up a remarkable string of hits through until his death in 1965. This collection brings together 115 tracks over 5 CD sets all of his US Billboard chart entries and his UK hits, both with the King Cole Trio and as a solo artist, up until 1962, and includes classic No. 1's like Nature Boy, Mona Lisa and Too Young, as well as many other iconic recordings, notably the perennial favourite When I Fall In Love.  Nat King Cole, of course, is a master singer on a level with Frank Sinatra. In some cases, he is better. I still think his artistry, as acclaimed as it is, is underappreciated. Cole doesn't seem to be able to go down to the emotional depths of Frank Sinatra. Could it be because Cole wasn't manic-depressive? Is it bad that he didn't seem to have the emotional problems of Sinatra? (Amazon)

Nat King Cole, has one of the most wonderful voices of all time, includes almost all his top 40 hits. One listen and you will know why he was KING!!


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Track lists

Vol. 01

01 The King Cole Trio That Ain't Right  3:11

02 The King Cole Trio All for You  3:24

03 The King Cole Trio Straighten Up and Fly Right 2:26

04 The King Cole Trio I Can't See for Lookin'  3:07

05 The King Cole Trio I Realize Now  2:54

06 The King Cole Trio Gee, Baby, Ain't I Good to You 2:56

07 The King Cole Trio I'm Lost  3:07

08 The King Cole Trio It's Only a Paper Moon  2:55

09 The King Cole Trio If You Can't Smile and Say Yes 2:51

10 The King Cole Trio I'm a Shy Guy  2:47

11 The King Cole Trio The Frim Fram Sauce  3:16

12 The King Cole Trio Come to Baby, Do!  3:04

13 The King Cole Trio (Get Your Kicks On) route 66 3:02

14 The King Cole Trio You Call it Madness (But I Cal 3:25

15 The King Cole Trio (I Love You) for Sentimental R 2:54

16 The King Cole Trio The Best Man  3:07

17 The King Cole Trio The Christmas Song (Merry Chri 3:12

18 The King Cole Trio Meet Me at No Special Place (A 3:11

19 The King Cole Trio Those Things Money Can't Buy 2:48

20 The King Cole Trio What'll I Do  3:03

21 Nat King Cole Nature Boy 2:39

22 The King Cole Trio Put 'em in a Box, Tie 'em With 2:36

Vol. 02

01 The King Cole Trio Lillette  3:01

02 The King Cole Trio Kee-Mo Ky-Mo (The Magic Song) 2:20

03 The King Cole Trio Flo and Joe  2:41

04 The King Cole Trio Exactly Like You  2:41

05 The King Cole Trio My Mother Told Me  2:57

06 Nat King Cole I Almost Lost My Mind 3:02

07 Nat King Cole Mona Lisa 3:15

08 Nat King Cole Home (When Shadows Fall) 3:11

09 Nat King Cole Frosty the Snow Man 2:19

10 Nat King Cole Jet 2:48

11 Nat King Cole Always You 2:59

12 Nat King Cole Too Young 3:12

13 Nat King Cole Red Sails in the Sunset 3:16

14 Nat King Cole Because of Rain 3:09

15 Nat King Cole Unforgettable 3:11

16 Nat King Cole Walkin' 2:49

17 Nat King Cole Somewhere Along the Way 3:00

18 Nat King Cole Funny (Not Much) 2:58

19 Nat King Cole Because You're Mine 3:10

20 Nat King Cole Faith Can Move Mountains 3:10

21 Nat King Cole The Ruby and the Pearl 3:10

22 Nat King Cole I'm Never Satisfied 2:10

Vol. 03

01 Nat King Cole Strange 2:28

02 Nat King Cole Pretend 2:44

03 Nat King Cole Can't I 3:14

04 Nat King Cole I Am in Love 3:01

05 Nat King Cole Return to Paradise 2:57

06 Nat King Cole A Fool Was I 2:50

07 Nat King Cole Mother Nature and Father Time 3:10

08 Nat King Cole Answer Me, My Love 2:37

09 Nat King Cole Tenderly 2:56

10 Nat King Cole It Happens to Be Me 3:08

11 Nat King Cole Make Her Mine 2:58

12 Nat King Cole Smile 2:52

13 Nat King Cole Hajji Baba (Persian Lament) 3:07

14 Nat King Cole A Blossom Fell 2:33

15 Nat King Cole Darling Je Vous Aime Beaucoup 2:49

16 Nat King Cole The Sand and the Sea 2:33

17 Nat King Cole If I May 3:03

18 Nat King Cole My One Sin 2:58

19 Nat King Cole Forgive My Heart 3:01

20 Nat King Cole Someone You Love 2:53

21 Nat King Cole Take Me Back to Toyland 2:53

22 Nat King Cole I'm Gonna Laugh You Right Out of My Life 3:14

Vol. 04

01 Nat King Cole Dreams Can Tell a Lie 3:00

02 Nat King Cole Ask Me 2:56

03 Nat King Cole Nothing Ever Changes My Love for You 2:37

04 Nat King Cole Too Young to Go Steady 2:53

05 Nat King Cole Never Let Me Go 2:56

06 Nat King Cole My Dream Sonata 3:17

07 Nat King Cole With the Four Kinights That's All There is to That 2:18

08 Nat King Cole Love Me as Though There Were No Tomorrow 2:33

09 Nat King Cole Night Lights 2:49

10 Nat King Cole To the Ends of the Earth 2:19

11 Nat King Cole Ballerina 2:51

12 Nat King Cole You Are My First Love 2:31

13 Nat King Cole When I Fall in Love 3:08

14 Nat King Cole When Rock 'n Roll Comes to Trinidad 2:20

15 Nat King Cole Stardust 3:15

16 Nat King Cole With the Four Kinights My Personal Possession 2:58

17 Nat King Cole Send for Me 2:38

18 Nat King Cole With You on My Mind 2:38

19 Nat King Cole Angel Smile 2:31

20 Nat King Cole Do I Like It? 2:09

21 Nat King Cole Looking Back 2:26

22 Nat King Cole Come Closer to Me 2:47

23 Nat King Cole Nothing in the World 2:38

Vol. 05

01 Nat King Cole Non Dimenticar 3:08

02 Nat King Cole Give Me Your Love 2:10

03 Nat King Cole Madrid 2:48

04 Nat King Cole You Made Me Love You 2:54

05 Nat King Cole I Must Be Dreaming 1:48

06 Nat King Cole Midnight Flyer 2:17

07 Nat King Cole Sweet Bird of Youth 2:13

08 Nat King Cole Time and the River 2:17

09 Nat King Cole What 'cha Gonna Do 2:44

10 Nat King Cole That's You 2:36

11 Nat King Cole Just as Much as Ever 2:14

12 Nat King Cole The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas to You) 3:13

13 Nat King Cole If I Knew 2:49

14 Nat King Cole The World in My Arms 2:03

15 Nat King Cole Illusion 2:54

16 Nat King Cole Take a Fool's Advice 2:22

17 Nat King Cole Let True Love Begin 2:36

18 Nat King Cole Cappucino 2:48

19 Nat King Cole Step Right Up (And Say You Love Me) 1:59

20 Nat King Cole Brazilian Love Song 2:03

21 Nat King Cole The Right Thing to Say 2:51

22 Nat King Cole Let There Be Love 2:41

23 Nat King Cole Ramblin' Rose 2:43

24 Nat King Cole Dear Lonely Hearts 3:01




  1. One of my favourite artsts and this comp is new to me. Thanks so much BB. He was unique and amazing.

    1. Hi Phillip,
      Nice to hear your favorable comments.
      I love his voice and his piano playing.
      He has, as you say, a unique way of phrasing which I find very enjoyable.


  2. thank you B.B nice upload my friend

  3. Pound for pound, note for note, probably the greatest singer ever. Thx for this new comp BB, will treasure it.

    1. That is a very high accolade indeed, This Guy, one I would like to agree with.


  4. I happen to think NKC was WAY better than Sinatra. Hell, Dean Martin was better than Sinatra. But Frankie had the connections. Thanks for the post!

    1. Hi tlooney.
      Your're welcome.
      I truly enjoy listening to Nat King Cole very much. I have posted several boxes and all have been excellently received. There is good reason for that.


  5. UNFORGETTABLE!! Nothing else.
    Thank you Butteboy!!

  6. One could easily run out of superlatives attempting to do justice to Nat's voice and piano work. Never saw a man more at ease at a keyboard; he might glance at it periodically, but it would be like watching your feet in order to walk. Very pleased that you included the trio sides. And for perfect songs, Stardust is pretty hard to beat. The definitive version of a tune that, prior to the rock era, was the most recorded tune in history.

    Thanks, Butter - your devotion to quality programming is evident every day.

    1. Thank you sir in tx.
      I appreciate you kind words of encouragement.
      Your observations are well placed for this box set. How many great tunes are here.