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VA - The Boxer, the Bluesman & the Jazzman, Boxing In African-American Music, 1921-1962 (2 X CD's)



VA - The Boxer, the Bluesman & the Jazzman, Boxing In African-American Music, 1921-1962 (2 X CD's)

This double album is devoted to the exceptional match between African-American musicians and boxers who all packed a punch in carrying the hopes of their people. Selected by Monique Pouget and Jean Buzelin from material that has all the passion of the ring, these emblematic pieces evoke a people’s admiration for its champions… with some unexpected bouts with fighters who were heroes. A bonus is the tribute paid to the exboxers who shelved their gloves before going on to vibrate, body and soul, and with great talent, in the arena of blues and jazz. (Patrick FRÉMEAUX)

The very title of the album sets the tone! It is indeed a double galette that includes 48 titles devoted to music that we particularly appreciate. On the pair's debut album, Swingin 'In The Ring, there are 24 tracks, and the same also on the second, Uppercut vs Blue Note. With this double-CD box set we are entitled to the encounter between music and the ring. Both of which express the aspirations of the African American people in different ways. The opportunity to discover or listen to famous musicians who magnify their interest in the Noble Art. A terribly demanding sport which showcases many qualities such as fighting spirit, courage, cunning, tactical sense and a sense of honor, all that in the past was traditionally attributed to the nobility (sic!). We wonder what use have revolutions since those ancient times when relationships were established between quality and social belonging? The track selection also celebrates ringing champions who have turned to music. (Dominique Boulay, Paris-Move & Blues Magazine)



Track lists


01 King Curtis Battle Royal 3:15

02 Hattie Bolten Prize Fighter Bl

ues 2:48

03 Eubie Blake Baltimore Buzz 3:05

04 Lead Belly The Titanic 4:11

05 Reverend J.M. Gates Tiger Flowers' Last Fight 2:59

06 Jelly Roll Morton Strokin' Away 2:57

07 Joe Pullum Joe Louis is the Man 3:07

08 Memphis Minnie He's in the Ring 2:49

09 Sonny Boy Williamson Joe Louis and John Henry 2:58

10 Paul Robeson King Joe, Pt. 1 3:28

11 Dixieaires Joe Louis is a Fightin' Man 3:01

12 Cab Calloway Ole Joe Louis 2:45

13 Solomon Burke But You Can't Hide 2:38

14 T-Bone Walker You Don't Love Me Blues 2:39

15 Charles Brown Peek-A-Boo 2:28

16 Ella Fitzgerald Petootie Pie 2:35

17 Marie Knight Say a Little Prayer 2:33

18 Lucky Thompson Stay in There 3:04

19 Clark Terry Little Old Mongoose 6:26

20 Lee Konitz Ezz-Thetic 2:55

21 Harold Burrage She Knocks Me Out 2:16

22 Baby Boy Warren Baby Boy Blues 2:44

23 Sugar Ray Robinson Knock Him Down Whiskey 3:15

24 Roy Haynes Sugar Ray 6:25


01 Bukka White Parchman Farm 2:43

02 Willie Dixon Signifying Monkey 2:55

03 Tiger Haynes I Saw My Mother Hugging Daddy Last Night 1:50

04 Champion Jack Dupree Sporting Life Blues 3:52

05 McKinley Peebles Give Me a Heart to Love 2:24

06 Wild Bill Moore We're Gonna Rock, We're Gonna Roll 2:43

07 Roy Brown Mighty Mighty Man 2:30

08 Jimmy Liggins That's What's Knockin' Me Out 2:10

09 Jimmy McCracklin She Felt Too Good 2:52

10 Nunn Bobby Framed 2:46

11 Otis Spann It Must Have Been the Devil 2:48

12 Sam Griggs Nadine 2:50

13 Screamin' Jay Hawkins This is All 2:55

14 Jackie Wilson Reet Petitte 2:47

15 Johnny Copeland Rock and Roll Lilly 2:05

16 Raymond Hill Bourbon Street Jump 2:41

17 R.C. Smith Don't Drive Me Away 2:26

18 Eddie Bo I'm Wise 2:16

19 Lee Dorsey Messed Around 2:32

20 Roy C. Hammond Who's That Knocking 2:17

21 James Brown Good Good Lovin' 2:20

22 Kenny Dorham Lotus Blossom 4:37

23 Red Garland Crazy Rhythm 3:28

24 Johnny Lytle The Moor Man 4:01




  1. Nice idea...........Dont forget a few of those Heavy lads made some records too!

    Fight On

  2. Thanks for this BB. I just noticed it near on the side listing, lots of interesting tracks on it.

    1. Hi Bob Mac,
      I think its a beauty. I hope you will enjoy it.