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Eddie Bo - Baby I'm Wise, The Complete Ric Singles 1959-1962 [2015]



Eddie Bo - Baby I'm Wise, The Complete Ric Singles 1959-1962 [2015]

All nine of Eddie’s Ric 45's plus several originally unissued masters making their CD debut. We’ve already brought you two multi-artist overviews of New Orleans’ R&B from Joe Ruffino’s Ric and Ron labels and a collection of Johnny Adams’ complete recordings for the company. Now it’s the turn of his label mate Eddie Bo to be anthologised.  The years 1959 to 1962 were a musically fertile period in Eddie’s career, yet his Ric recordings are often overlooked in favour of his later funk classics. The tracks here show just what a great singer and songwriter Eddie was in his youthful prime, and how unlucky he was not to have made it as big as, say, his Crescent City compatriot Lee Dorsey.  “Baby I’m Wise” contains the A and B-sides of all nine of Eddie’s great Ric 45's, plus four tracks that somehow didn’t come out at the time but are as good as anything that did. The uniformly high quality of them makes the fact that not one of them breached the charts something of a surprise, but all were hits in Eddie’s New Orleans hometown and each one sounds much better than a lot of records that charted nationally.  Many of these classics would make it into any definitive list of New Orleans’ all-time great R&B records. This is the first time they’ve been collected in the same CD, with all tracks coming to you from fresh transfers of the original mastertapes. (Ace)



Track lists

01 Eddie Bo Hey There Baby 2:16

02 Eddie Bo I Need Someone 2:34

03 Eddie Bo Tell it Like it Is 2:21

04 Eddie Bo Every Dog Got His Day 2:17

05 Eddie Bo Everybody Knows 2:14

06 Eddie Bo You Got Your Mojo Working Now 3:11

07 Eddie Bo Warm Daddy 2:06

08 Eddie Bo It Must Be Love 2:15

09 Eddie Bo Ain't it the Truth Now 2:18

10 Eddie Bo What a Fool I've Been 2:10

11 Eddie Bo Dinky Doo 2:18

12 Eddie Bo Everybody Everything Needs Love 2:14

13 Eddie Bo I Got to Know 2:52

14 Eddie Bo Bless You Darling 2:44

15 Eddie Bo Roamin-Titis 2:19

16 Eddie Bo Nothing Without You 2:21

17 Eddie Bo Satisfied With Your Love 2:25

18 Eddie Bo Ain't You Ashamed 2:21

19 Eddie Bo I'll Do Anything for You 2:11

20 Eddie Bo Check Mr. Popeye 2:12

21 Eddie Bo Now Let's Popeye 2:37

22 Eddie Bo Baby I'm Wise 2:33




  1. IMHO, the definitive collection/retrospective of Bo's early, and most compelling, work. Not a bad cut in the 2 disc bunch. For his latter material, I would recommend two of his discs: Shoot From the Root and New Orleans Solo Piano. Many thanks for helping to get Bo's work out, BB!

    1. Hi Pac,
      There is lots of wonderful music in his collection of tunes.


  2. Replies
    1. You're welcome, Guitarradeplastico,scraping oddities


  3. Hi, this one disappeared. I hope you will have time to re-upload it. Thank you

    1. Hi Macambo,
      New links established, tested and working.