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Thelonious Monk - The Complete London Collection Volumes 1,2 & 3 [1971] (3 x CD's)



Thelonious Monk - The Complete London Collection Volumes 1,2 & 3 [1971] (3 x CD's)

This attractive box houses three previously released Black Lion CD's recorded at pianist/composer Thelonious Monk's final sessions as a leader; only a few dates with the Giants of Jazz were left in the future for Monk, who would soon retire altogether. Heard in unaccompanied piano solos and in a trio with bassist Al McKibbon and drummer Art Blakey, Monk is in surprisingly exuberant form, still very much at the peak of his powers. Although most of this music was last available in a "complete" Mosaic LP box set, there are actually three additional alternate takes included in the very enjoyable and somewhat definitive set. Highlights include "Little Rootie Tootie," "Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland," "Blue Sphere," "Criss Cross," "The Man I Love" and "Evidence," but all 29 selections are well worth hearing. This is essential music for all serious Thelonious Monk collections; the solo performances in particular are quite memorable. (AllMusic Review by Scott Yanow)

Even though these CD's are not amongst Monk's best known, they are simply indispensable. I would even state that they are Monk's best work, together with his first recordings, on Blue Note. These are very special, little known Monk recordings. I have been listening to them for over 25 years, and I save them for special times. Every single person to whom I've played them--novice or enthusiast--has been blown away by how beautiful they are. Enjoy!



Track lists


01 Thelonious Monk Trinkle, Tinkle [Take 3] 7:28

02 Thelonious Monk Crepuscule With Nellie [Take 2] 2:23

03 Thelonious Monk Darn That Dream 5:52

04 Thelonious Monk Little Rootie Tootie 4:08

05 Thelonious Monk Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland 3:18

06 Thelonious Monk Nice Work If You Can Get It 5:17

07 Thelonious Monk My Melancholy Baby 5:13

08 Thelonious Monk Jackie-Ing 3:30

09 Thelonious Monk Lover Man 7:16

10 Thelonious Monk Blue Sphere 2:23


01 Thelonious Monk Evidence [Take 2] 5:28

02 Thelonious Monk Misterioso 6:28

03 Thelonious Monk Crepuscule With Nellie [Take 4] 2:25

04 Thelonious Monk I Mean You 7:47

05 Thelonious Monk Criss-Cross 3:46

06 Thelonious Monk Ruby, My Dear 6:10

07 Thelonious Monk Nutty [Take 2] 4:47

08 Thelonious Monk Hackensack [Take 2] 7:55


01 Thelonious Monk Trinkle, Tinkle [Take 2] 6:04

02 Thelonious Monk The Man I Love 5:19

03 Thelonious Monk Something in Blue 6:41

04 Thelonious Monk Introspection [Take 1] 1:15

05 Thelonious Monk Trinkle, Tinkle [Take 1] 5:48

06 Thelonious Monk Crepuscule With Nellie [Take 1] 2:21

07 Thelonious Monk Nutty [Take 1] 4:18

08 Thelonious Monk Introspection [Take 3] 3:05

09 Thelonious Monk Hackensack [Take 1] 9:04

10 Thelonious Monk Evidence [Take 1] 7:14

11 Thelonious Monk Chordially (Improvisation) 9:40




  1. Wow. This is awesome. Thanks for sharing it!

    1. Hi The Masaccio of Gonzo,
      There are not many words to describe the beauty of this set. Enjoy.


  2. Love his wife's nickname for him: Melodious Thunk. Fits like a glove!

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    1. I'm diggin' it, Fieldhippy.
      Such a great set.


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    1. Thanks Bob Mac,
      I like throwing these great jazz moments in from time to time. It helps with perspective.
      Glad you like it.